Keep Informed #COVID19 December 2020

Australian Government agencies and state and territories governments are continuing to monitor and implement strategies around Coronavirus (COVID-19) containment and control, including:

Email from DOH on 10 December 2020 outlining the aged care workforce retention payment – payment three.

The DOH Information for the Aged Care Sector – Issue 2020/26 on 10 December 2020 included:

  • New fact sheets – explaining aged care fees to care recipients
  • Aged care diversity framework and action plans.
  • Aged Care Centre for Growth and Translational Research (CGTR) – online consultation
  • Residential Care 
    • ACFI COVID-19 Update.
    • New fact sheet – temporary resident relocations in emergency situations.
    • Business Improvement Fund grants for residential aged care.
  • Home care 
    • Future arrangements for Sector Support and Development under the CHSP.
    • Advice for CHSP providers – Social and Community Services (SACS) payment ending 1 July 2021.
    • ELDAC Home Care Package survey.

Email from DOH on 9 December 2020 informing providers of CHSP grandfathered clients additional migration – reminder that the My Aged Care provider portal is now open.

Email from DOH on 4 December 2020 informing providers of Serious Incident Response Scheme legislation introduced into parliament.

The COVID-19 eNewsletter update on 4 December 2020 included 

  • Survey on the surge workforce program
  • 2020 Aged Care Workforce Census
  • Updated South Australian guidance
  • Webinar reminder – visitor access and resident movement
  • Resources including COVID-19 – Living the new normal poster and video, COVID Environmental cleaning and disinfection in the community and RACFs.

Email from DOH on 2 December 2020 informing providers about new regulatory arrangements for NDIS participants in aged care.

The COVID-19 eNewsletter update on 2 December 2020 included 

  • Government’s response to the Royal Commission’s Progress Report and the updated National COVID-19 Aged Care Plan.
  • Outbreak Management Planning for residential aged care facilities.
  • Virtual ACFI reviews. 
  • Updated Directions for SA on the use of masks and updated Directions for Victoria.
  • SACWIC grants still open.
  • Resources including annotated summary of COVID-19 aged care resources and Aged Care Webinars. 

The COVID-19 eNewsletter update on 30 November 2020 informing providers that they can now report their Infection Prevention Control leads in the My Aged Care Provider Portal. 

The COVID-19 eNewsletter update on 27 November 2020 included 

  • Grief, Loss and Bereavement Support for those affected by COVID-19 in the aged care sector.
  • OPAN webinar – Aged care visits during COVID-normal.
  • Visitor access and resident movement webinars.
  • Extending assessment contacts to Home Care providers.
  • Dementia Australia – Discussion paper on mental health impacts of COVID.
  • Resources including celebrating the holiday season safely during COVID-19, COVID-19 outbreaks in Australian residential aged care facilities weekly data report, updated Industry Code for Visiting Residential Aged Care Homes.

Email from DOH on 26 November 2020 informing providers on the release of the 2019-20 Report on the Operation of the Aged Care Act 1997.

Email from DOH on 26 November 2020 informing older Australians about the new sign language interpreting service.

The DOH Information for the Aged Care Sector – Issue 2020/25 on 26 November 2020 included:

  • Monitoring financial risks.
  • ELDAC’s Digital Innovations in Aged Care.
  • Bring your claiming up-to-date with the new Services Australia Aged Care Provider Portal
  • Home Care: Wellness and Reablement Report for CHSP providers – due 30 November 2020.

The COVID-19 eNewsletter update on 25 November 2020 included:

  • Extended timeline to apply for Business Improvement Fund Grants.

Chat to CSS today about applying for a Business Improvement Fund Grant.

  • Updated NSW advice for Victorian visitors.
  • Translated aged care COVID-19 resources available.
  • Updated aged care visitation guidelines for residential aged care.
  • Resources 
    o    Updated Industry Code for Visiting Residential Aged Care Homes
    o    Updated Retention Bonus information: 
    o    Workforce retention bonus grant – residential care and home care
    o    Frequently Asked Questions – for residential and in-home aged care workers
    o    Aged Care Workforce Retention Payment: November 2020 Variation Request and Declaration

Email from DOH on 23 November 2020 informing providers of a free education program to help improve dementia care.

Two COVID-19 eNewsletter update on 20 November 2020 informing providers of the visitation guidelines, escalation tiers and provider responses. The other newsletter included:

  • It’s OK to continue to receive home care in SA.
  • Flu Vaccination information.
  • Aged Care Workforce Retention Payment 3 and audit program.
  • Resources include Fact sheet: It’s Ok to have Home Care and updated Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidelines for infection prevention and control in residential care facilities.

Email from DOH on 19 November 2020 informing providers of the CHSP Reablement Community of Practice.

The COVID-19 eNewsletter update on 18 November 2020 included: 

  • Updated Direction for South Australian residential aged care.
  • ACQSC Assessment contacts of South Australian residential services.
  • ACOC & ACOS closing this Friday, providers to use ACPP instead.
  • Victorian Guiding Principles ending on 30 November
  • Updated NSW advice for aged care visitors.
  • Resources including: use of masks by care workers in areas of significant community COVID transmission,   COVID guidelines for infection prevention and control in residential care facilities and COVID outbreaks in Australian residential aged care facilities.

The COVID-19 eNewsletter update on 13 November 2020 informing providers that the guiding principles in Victoria are ending.

The COVID-19 eNewsletter update on 6 November 2020 included: 

  • New mental health campaign launched. 
  • Residential aged care visitation assistants available in Victoria. 
  • Testing of asymptomatic residential aged care workers in Victoria. 
  • Queensland update on RACF visitations.
  • South Australian update on workforce restrictions. 
  • Resources including Mental Health campaign resources, updated ICEG guidance on masks for residential care workers and updated fact sheet – supporting your mental health.

The COVID-19 eNewsletter update on 4 November 2020 included: 

  • Grief and trauma webinars for the aged care community. 
  • Updated NSW Health advice on masks in RACFs.
  • Zoom tools for people living with dementia.
  • Aged Care Funding Instrument Desk Reviews
  • Resource including webinar: Accessing grief and trauma support during COVID-19.
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