Home Care

Meet all your Aged Care Quality Standards
responsibilities with Crictical Success Solution’s
simply packaged solution.

The easy solution for a fully compliant home care service

Critical Success Solutions’ ‘in a box’ system is designed to meet the policy, procedure and form needs of home care providers. It ensures you meet all your responsibilities under the Aged Care Quality Standards.

Simplifying home care compliance

This popular package has been recently refreshed and aligned to standards, legislation and best practice changes. The box is often the foundational element in many successful Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission accreditation and review visits.

The ready-made policies included with the ‘in a box’ system are consumer-focused and reflect the specific challenges and needs of providers supporting consumers to live independently in the community.

Your home care ‘box’ will give you peace of mind that your organisation has an effective policy for standards requirements. It has been designed to make governance and compliance oversight for Leadership Teams easier, and provides a systematic transparent system for requirements for home aged care services.


Flexible policy solutions

Each policy is based on current Aged Care Quality Standards, legislation, best practice and regulatory compliance, utilising our evidence-based, lived experience framework.

The policies, procedures and forms you receive in your ‘box’ can be easily tailored to suit your organisational structure and model of care.

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