About Us

What about our company

Critical Success Solutions is a wholly owned Australian company that was established in July 2002. Critical Success Solutions was developed in response to an identified need for businesses to be able to access fresh and innovative approaches to business quality and system solutions.

This desire came about from witnessing a number of businesses, struggling to meet the increasing demands resulting from client, regulatory and legal requirements.

We understand that no two businesses were exactly the same. As a result of this, we also recognized that each one would need a considered and thoughtful approach, in order to offer individually tailored solutions to ensure specific situation and/or industry needs are met to the satisfaction of each customer.

To achieve this, Critical Success Solutions has always been particularly aware of their responsibility to provide the very best in all areas

We continue to believe in the importance of providing a professional, individual and genuine approach to our clients. Unlike other organisations, Critical Success Solutions staff are fully qualified in business management, Work health and safety, risk management, quality and financial management fields and have many years of experience. Service areas are tailored and implemented according to the unique needs of individual organisations.

Our services

  • Business research and development
  • Integrated governance framework development and implementation including Clinical Governance
  • Board governance programs
  • Funding / ACFi reviews and applications – ACAR, CDC.
  • Accreditation support and internal review programs
  • Business management support
  • Strategic and Business Planning
  • System Management – policy and system development
  • Risk and Financial analysis
  • Staff Reviews, Human Resource system development – Rostering, recruitment, performance reviews etc.
  • Personal and Professional coaching and development training
  • Client and Staff Surveys
  • Development of Marketing Plans
  • Business Continuity
  • Commissioning and decommissioning (closing/relocating residents) aged care facilities
  • Emergency management Contingency Plans
  • Integrated business opportunities such as child care in aged care
  • Organizational Culture reviews
  • Development and implementation of Learning and Development  programs
  • Complaint management – complaint Ombudsmen
  • Critical incident investigation
  • Tender development and selection management
  • External contractor management reviews.
  • Work Health Safety Reviews
  • Development and Implementation of WHS programs
  • Environmental reviews

Meet Our Team

Other Team Member

Paul Hannen – Director – WHS and Building management

Lee Kenny – Connelly – Administration and community consultation

SDE Hannen – Governance and policy development

Kathy Sargeant – Administration support

Kate Hannen – Cert 3 nursing, administration

Peter Kenny – Operational management support

Sylvia Babic – ACFi analysis

Tess Mansfield – RN and ICare specialist

We also have a number of approved suppliers to which we work with to ensure we provide you with a timely and high quality service. All suppliers have a relevant criminal reference check and professional registrations where required.

We can provide you with insurance details regarding professional indemnity and workers compensation if required.

Why Choose Us

Critical Success Solutions has been successfully delivering solutions to business since 2002. To date we have provided consulting services to various sectors ranging from Health, Aged Care, Education & Corporates. Some of the key factors that differentiate us from our competitors are:

We listen to our client’s needs & build solutions to meet those specific requirements. Our dedicated team is in constant contact with our customers to ensure that we deliver in every aspect of our dealings.

Nothing comes close to having done it before. With a large array of projects successfully completed we have the resources with the relevant experience to deliver on small, medium and large projects.

Our dedicated staff are constantly researching new and upcoming trends which enable our customers to be at the forefront of their industry.

Our staff hold high level qualifications in Business Management & various speciality areas.

We have been successfully operating since 2002. To date, we have assisted many businesses from the very smallest to some Multi-National companies providing high level advice & guidance.

We have built very strong business partnerships with organisations at the cutting edge of their sector. This enables us to provide industry leading solutions to our most important partners: our customers.

The cornerstone of our success is the business honesty and integrity in which we work with clients and partners. We believe that our transparency with our clients is what sets us apart from our competition.

If you are looking for a trusted Business Consultant and your company shares similar standards to ours call or contact us using the links provided.