Aged Care Services: Education and Training Requirements Strengthened Standards 2024

Under Outcome 2.9 Human Resources Management, Registered Providers (Providers) will be required to ensure workers are provided with training and supervision to effectively perform their role.

The strengthened Aged Care Quality Standards (SACQS) talk about ‘competency based’ training in relation to ‘core matters’ which Providers must deliver to all workers at a minimum. Competency based training encompasses a more ‘flexible style of training that adapts to each learner. Unlike traditional methods, competency-based learning around individual workplace skills, prepares learners in a targeted way to meet the specific needs’ related to the industry. [1]

Meeting minimum competency based training outlined within SACQS Action 2.9.6 involves:

  • The delivery of person-centred, rights-based care
  • Culturally safe, trauma aware and healing informed care
  • Caring for people living with dementia
  • Responding to medical emergencies
  • The requirements of the Code of Conduct, the Serious Incident Response Scheme,  
  • The Quality Standards and other requirements relevant to the worker’s role.

In addition, under this Outcome, providers must maintain and implement a training system that:

  • includes training strategies to ensure that workers have the necessary skills, qualifications and competencies to effectively perform their role
  • draws on the experience of older people to inform training strategies
  • is responsive to feedback, complaints, incidents, identified risks and the outcomes of regular worker performance reviews, and
  • is regularly reviewed and improves the effectiveness of the training system.

Providers will need to review their training systems to meet minimum system requirements and ensure that regular (generally considered to be at least ‘annual’) training and competency requirements are met across work groups. In determining training requirements, the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission’s (the Commission) Guidance a provides direction for Providers to complete a training needs analysis on a regular basis, ensuring skills requirements for each role type and contemporary evidence based training needed to achieve required skills is identified. [2] In addition, to the minimum requirements of the SACQS, training programs also need to consider the outcomes of training analyses.

In their guidance, the Commission also suggests that Providers should look to a range of sources of competency assessment to meet training requirements and track both internal and external competency requirements. For example, where a worker requires a driver’s licence to support evidence of suitability to drive, Providers must track licence expiry dates.

In keeping with the provision of person centred care, Providers also need to consider how older people and the experience they bring will be involved in training workers. This might include:

  • Consulting with older people on the effectiveness of training.
  • Including older people in the delivery of training, e.g., individual or group sessions.

Workers (employees, volunteers and contractors) that require training must be identified within the training systems. The particular aspects of the strengthened Standards that are relevant to the worker’s role also need to be recognised when establishing the training system. For example:

  • Registered Nurses will need more intense competency based training to meet the Outcomes under Standard 5: Clinical Care.
  • Maintenance and handypersons will need to specifically understand how the requirements under Standard 4: The Environment apply to their role.


[2] Draft: Standard 2 – The Organisation

Guidance material for the strengthened Aged Care Quality Standards for review and discussion, p.64

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Aged Care Services: Education and Training Requirements Strengthened Standards 2024

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