CSS Education and Quality Coordinator – Bootcamp Program

The past 2 weeks of commission activity seem to have bought in a new area of focus. There has been a strong theme in conversations taking place around the role of Education and Quality coordinators. So, what makes a good Education or Quality coordinator?

 We’re finding many of the individuals that hold these roles often don’t have the skills or qualifications to support their teams and organisations. Unfortunately these roles are currently a large proportion of the staff turnover being experienced across the sector. People in these roles are frequently leaving their position because of the lack of support and understanding around their role or that they are drowning in the “Death by data “ phenomenon that we often see during our aged care standard reviews.

 These two roles can often be the root of common compliance issues, frequently found in our own auditing programmes:

  • Mandatory education is not 100% completed  by all workforce i.e, PPE (donning and doffing), infection control/general outbreak management, Restrictive practices, Hand hygiene, SIRS, Manual handling, Fire training, Warden training and Code of Conduct . 
  • Clinical competency assessment not completed annually.
  • No evidence of reactive education completed. 
  • Education is not completed promptly when changes in legislation occur.
  • Lack of coordination between education and the auditing program.
  • Poor understanding or no analysis of clinical indicators, audits and benchmarking results completed and no actions documented to address identified issues or trends. 
  • No link from clinical indicators, audit results or benchmarking results to CIP.
  • CIP is often not updated monthly with details of progression of actions. 
  • Closed of items in CIP not evaluated and evidence of recurrence of issue.
  • No evidence of clear reporting to management

As a result of the focus of the commission on these particular roles, CSS has developed two NEW 1 day bootcamp programs that can be completed as an organisation or as an individual in one of our mixed training programs.  We are able to do onsite training or zoom sessions – you let us know what suits.

 Education coordinator bootcamp – 7 modules

  • Module 1 – education and the training principles
  • Module 2-  Training Program planning
  • Module 3 – Role and responsibilities of the education coordinator
  • Module 4 – design and develop the training program and plans
  • Module 5 – Implement Training program and plans
  • Module 6 – evaluate and analyse training program and plans
  • Module 7 – Troubleshooting

Quality coordinator Bootcamp – 5 modules

  • Module 1 – Quality management
  • Module 2 – Quality planning
  • Module 3 – Quality control
  • Module 4 – Quality assurance and Improvement
  • Module 5 – Troubleshooting

Both programs will provide key tips on how to manage these roles effectively and ensure these common areas of non-compliance are addressed.

If you are interested in receiving a quote for either or both these programs, please contact Alex Pirozzi – alex@cssconsulting.com.au.

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