CSS Board and Provider Education Program

CSS is currently running an education program to ensure all Boards and Approved Providers are up to date with what is now required by the Government. Please see attached a summary of the educational format:

1.      Module 1 Industry Overview, Legislation, Reforms

  • Discuss the current state of the industry.
  • Overview of the legislation relevant to the aged care industry.
  • Discuss current reforms and new Aged Care Quality Standards.

2.      Module 2 Approved Provider Responsibilities

  • Discuss approved provider responsibilities.
  • Detail Key Personnel changes from the current reforms.
  • Outline some professional standards and the Code of Conduct.

3.      Module 3 Overview Aged Care Quality Standards

  • Outline the current Aged Care Quality Standards.
  • Discuss major components of organisational governance Standard.

4.      Module 4 Clinical Governance 

  • Discuss the requirements of the clinical governance framework.
  • Outline the issues consumers face including high impact high prevalence risks and dignity of risk.
  • Discuss the Directors’ clinical governance responsibilities.

5.      Module 5 Significant Requirements in Aged Care

  • Detailed decision about the board responsibilities in the following key risk domains: Restrictive Practices
  • Choice and decision making
  • Incident management and the Serious Incident Response Scheme
  • Open disclosure

5.      Module 6 Material Risk, Commission, Governance Framework

  • Discuss the common material risks within aged care
  • Outline the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission approach.
  • Review the common ‘Not Met’ areas and themes.
  • Recap the new governance provider responsibilities.
  • Summarise the elements of the governance framework.

6.      Module 7 Development and Implementation of the Consumer and Quality Care Advisory Board (Committee)

  • Overview of the new requirements for a QCAB and CAB.
  • Primary functions of the QCAB and CAB.
  • Membership of the QCAB and CAB.
  • Reporting for the QCAB and CAB.
  • Sample Agendas for the QCAB and CAB

7.      Module 8 (OPTIONAL) NDIS Provider Responsibilities in a RACF and Regulatory Issues

  • Overview responsibilities of RACF who have NDIS participants.
  • Discuss differences between Aged Care Quality Standards and NDIS Practice Standards.
  • Outline regulatory differences between aged care and disability sectors.
  • Overview recent regulatory issues for NDIS in RACF.

8.      Module 9 (OPTIONAL) Home Care Approved Provider Responsibilities and Regulatory changes

  • Recap approved provider responsibilities.
  • Outline key differences for Home Care Approved Providers from Residential Aged Care AP.
  • Membership of the QCAB and CAB.
  • Overview recent regulatory issues for home care.

9.      Module 10 (OPTIONAL) Overview and orientation to CSS Board Governance Manual – discount purchase with this program.

  • Examine the principles for effective Board performance
  • Discuss the elements of the CSS Board and Corporate Governance Framework/Manual.
  • Step through the documents in the requirements of the clinical governance framework.
  • How to be in front of the pack.

If you would like to have a further conversation with CSS in relation to any of these areas, or have CSS conduct a bootcamp program for your board and executives, send an email to Alex (CSS Business Manager) Alex@cssconsulting.com.au or call 0448 672 118. 

 Contact CSS to schedule this program for your organisation or Home or to register your interest.

Contact: Alex Pirozzi, Business Manager
Email: Alex@cssconsulting.com.au or info@cssconsulting.com.au
Mobile: 0448 672 118 or Office: 02 90520292

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