Critical Success Solutions + Clinical Assessor – a dynamic partnership.

As you are well aware CSS over the past few months have started to connect with key partners to improve our services and provide more support to you long term.  With the increasing amount of reforms and the changing nature of the compliance landscape we announce with great pleasure that CSS has joined in partnership with Rachael Pandeli from Clinical Assessor P/L.

Rachael Pandeli is a highly experienced advisor with 30 years of expertise in the nursing industry. She is currently an Approved Provider of Home Care Packages, and throughout her career, she has developed a strong understanding of accreditation preparation for various aged and community service providers. Rachael’s extensive experience working as a Nurse Consultant has allowed her to partner with other consultants and organisations to identify substandard clinical care and provide responsive management through her clinical governance expertise. Her experience in various roles, including an appointment as a Quality Assessor, Contracted Chief Executive Officer, and Recommissioning Chief Executive Officer, has helped her to ensure that her industry knowledge is used internally to ensure cohesiveness across her departments while meeting compliance. Rachael has also held teaching and clinical facilitation appointments at private and public educational institutions, sharing her industry knowledge and experience with future healthcare professionals. Recently, Rachael completed the Advisory Board Centre – Certified Executive Chair program and the Certified Chair Program Aged Care, which has further enhanced her skills in leadership, communication, and strategic planning.

I have known Rachael for many years in varying roles that she has undertaken within the industry. We have formalised our partnering to provide additional support in areas of Reforms, Clinical Governance, Quality Care Advisory support with a strong specialisation in Home Care.   

We at CSS are excited to be working with Rachael and her team collaboratively through the present changes to the industries to which we service and beyond. More information on the unique opportunities that our partnership will produce will become available via our newsletter and social media in the coming weeks.

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