26,000 hours in creating positive outcomes

2023 has represented another action packed year, with continual evolution in industry requirements and client needs. As the year comes to a close, we reflect on our year to date and find ourselves looking forward to another year of assisting providers to deliver high quality and sustainable care. 2024 is set to be another heavy year of legislative change. We will be actively supporting providers across Residential, Home Care, Disability, and Retirement Villages, with many of these changes.   

This year CSS contributed over 26,000 hours to positive outcomes and solutions for our clients, across a wide range of projects:  

Projects completed this year include:

  • Purchasing of Aged Care in a box
  • Home care in a box purchases
  • Governance reviews and implementation of compliance programs
  • Review of quality management systems and develop best practice systems.  
  • Provide onsite Accreditation support
  • Support placement of Aged care consumers from community into residential care.
  • Review of external contractor programs
  • Quality 8 Standard audit reviews
  • Conduct and Develop strategic planning programs  
  • Mentoring programs and one to one sessions  for Board Directors, CEO, GM, DON/FM’s/Home Care managers,  Care managers, and Clinical Leaders in home care. 
  • Organisational Cultural reviews
  • Clinical governance reviews – Residential  and Home Care
  • Due diligence reviews
  • Expert witness projects
  • Critical incident investigations
  • RAD application submissions
  • NTA rectifications 
  • Approved provider applications – residential and home care
  • Risk management reviews and development of frameworks
  • Lifestyle framework development and support implementation
  • QCAB/CAB frameworks including induction training packages.
  • Develop and implementation of Advisory Board Framework
  • Recruitment of Board members, GM’s, DON’s, Care managers, Financial Managers, Home care managers.   
  • Senior Clinical and Operational support projects
  • Roster reviews
  • HR consulting support
  • Business Continuity Plan development test and reporting
  • NDIS audits
  • Prepare NDIS applications
  • Support with NDIS audits
  • Development of training compliance programs
  • Review mandatory training programs and align them to best practice and new strengthening standards
  • Support with QCAB/Annual reports


  • QCAB meetings
  • Member Advisory board meetings
  • Chair of Board meetings
  • Chair of Clinical Governance Committee

Education completed

  • RN/EN Clinical bootcamps – residential and home care
  • Care worker bootcamps – residential and home care
  • Privacy coordinator
  • Whistle-blower coordinator
  • QCAB/CAB induction training
  • Board governance training – Residential and Home Care
  • Dementia training
  • Day care centre training
  • Trauma aware and informed training
  • NDIS awareness and module education 
  • NDIS Clinical, education and competency assessments
  • Clinical Care Manager and Operational Management bootcamps
  • Code of conduct
  • Care planning education
  • Continuous Improvement programs
  • Getting ready for unannounced visits
  • Effective Contractor management

We would like to wish each and every one of you all the very best for the festive season and thank you for your ongoing support of CSS. We look forward to working with you into 2024.  CSS closes its doors on Friday the 22nd of December, reopening on Monday the 8th of January 2024. Fleur Hannen and a small team of consultants will be available for urgencies during this period. If you require support during this time, please contact:

Fleur Hannen, Managing Director
Email: fleur@cssconsulting.com.au or info@cssconsulting.com.au

Mobile: 0414588795 or Office: 02 90520292

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