When I commenced my nursing training, one very important piece of advice given to us all was to care for everyone as if they were your mother or father or someone you love. I have never forgotten this.

I enjoy mentoring RNs and care staff, particularly beginner RNs moving into the world of aged care. Teaching RNs and care staff how to “go back to the basics”, and the importance of knowing everything they can about their residents, can be very rewarding, especially when you see some “light bulb” moments. I like focusing on Person Centred Care, particularly in the care of people living with Dementia.

I have completed the UTAS Understanding Dementia and Preventing Dementia MOOCs in recent years, and continue to do DTA on-line courses to keep up-to-date on Best Practice in Dementia care.

In the CSS team, I have also worked at a number of sanctioned facilities, completed desktop reviews of clinical care, helped develop a library of Toolbox Talks on a variety of clinical topics for Care staff, and participated in the development of clinical policies for ACIB.