Business Consultancy

Our consultancy work ranges from individual advice, mediation, mentoring and coaching, to large-scale national consultation, planning and evaluation activities. We work in all parts of Australia – from cities to regional and remote areas.


We provide specialised governance services to Boards, Directors and senior managers. Our services are provided by experienced and established consultants across the private, government and not for profit sectors. We provide Board Evaluation, Governance Policy Development, and executive support to senior managers working with Boards.

Strategy – plans for the future

We provide high-level strategic advice—working with stakeholders to identify issues, analyse evidence, negotiate directions and form clear solutions.

  • Setting strategic directions
    We use participatory approaches with organisations and partners to set strategic directions and make plans. We engage with stakeholders to negotiate directions based on the best available evidence. In consultation with clients, we design strategic plans and business plans that are linked to core strategies and have measurable KPIs.
  • Advice and facilitation
    We work with our clients at all stages of the policy process—defining and analysing issues, developing and testing options, facilitating consultation with stakeholders and designing monitoring frameworks and performance indicators to support implementation. At all stages, our consultants provide timely, confidential and high quality advice on policy issues.
  • Reviewing strategies and policies
    Periodically our clients need to review the success of existing policies and strategies to inform future directions. We work with agencies, cross-agency working groups and policy stakeholders to review progress and negotiate agreements about the way forward.


Evaluation is a diverse and developing field. Our approach is strategic—we help clients decide what evaluation will meet their needs and which designs and methods are feasible and can answer their questions. And we conduct highly credible independent evaluations in areas of Organisational, Operational, Workforce and  Cultural

  • Conducting independent evaluations
    Decision-makers want reliable evidence about the results of programs and policies. We conduct independent evaluations using designs and methods—quantitative and qualitative—that produce valid and reliable data. Our evaluations provide credible conclusions and clear concise reports.
  • Designing frameworks and strategies
    Drawing on our experience in evaluation, we use program logic, stakeholder analysis and consultation to design performance frameworks and evaluation strategies for large programs and complex multi-agency initiatives.
  • Advising on evaluation and meta-evaluation
    We provide advice on all aspects of evaluation. We help clients to scope evaluations that are strategic, feasible and provide value for money, and to improve existing evaluation projects. We can review the quality of current or completed evaluations through meta-evaluation techniques.
  • Evidence-based policy
    We can advise organisations on using evidence and evaluation within public policy. We research international trends in evaluation and the use of evidence. We develop organisation-wide evaluation policies and plans. We advise on where to direct evaluation and research efforts, and how to build capacity for evaluation.

Conflict Resolution and Mediation

We work with people to resolve differences, diffuse anger and modify behaviours. Our goal is to bring core issues to the surface, ventilate grievances, and clear the air. A variety of techniques are used depending on the circumstances.

Conflicts are a normal part of life; how we deal with them can make a big difference. Often when people resolve conflicts, one person ends up a winner, and one loses out. This may solve the problem for the moment, but resentment and bad feelings can cause more problems later. Another way to look at conflicts is to try to find a mutual purpose, in which both sides can benefit from the one outcome. In this way, conflicts are turned into opportunities to grow and make things better. This approach is the cornerstone of “conflict resolution” – an important tool for bringing peace into our personal lives, our communities and to our world.